Hastings is fortunate to have several modern facilities for researchers and visitors. Take a virtual tour of these buildings and explore these buildings and the Reservation.


Arnold Classroom

In 2003, with funding from the Vice Chancellor for Research Office (Beth Burnside), and from the Arnold Family,  a triple-wide modular classroom was installed near the office and laboratory area of Hastings.  It is also located adjacent to several of the housing units.  This facility serves as the main lecture/classroom for Hastings, and easily seats 30 – 40 people.  With modern AV equipment, a full kitchen, and restroom, it is ideal for lectures, workshops, and retreat use.  

  • Chairs and tables for up 40+ persons.
  • Whiteboard, video projector, 42 inch smart monitor, DVD/Blu Ray player, bluetooth sound system
  • Full kitchen with all standard appliances – stove, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, coffee pots, etc.  
  • Attached bathroom
  • Air conditioning and heating.  
  • Wi-fi internet access


The laboratory was built in 1988 and is available for use as space exist.  During the spring months it is heavily used by our long term bird studies group, but even then there is often space for other projects.  Please contact the Reserve Director to discuss potential use.  

  • Sink with RO and ultra pure water.  
  • Fume hood and corrosive storage
  • Multiple refrigerators/freezers for sample storage with backup generator power.
  • Some glassware and other basic laboratory supplies
  • Wired and wireless internet access


The office building is used by the Resident Director and long term researchers. Depending on the time of year space is often available for use by visiting researchers/guest. The office has wired/wireless internet access, land line phone service, multiple printers, and a fax available for use. Please contact the Reserve Director if you are needing office space while here.

  • Three B&W and one color LAN connected printers, scanner, fax, land line phone service.
  • AC, heat
  • Adjacent to laboratory and close to main parking and conference room.

Other Facilities

Numerous other structure exist on Hastings that are available for use on an as needed basis.  These include the barn, workshop, library, museum, and aviary.


Built in 1991 to replace a previous barn that was damaged during the Loma-Prietta earthquake in 1989.  

  • Presently serves as a storage area for research equipment, but plans are in the works to upgrade it with solar power and lighting.  
  • Potable water is available immediately outside via a faucet.  
  • Fire pit near the barn  (ONLY for use during the rainy season, ~ November – April)
  • All storage must be cleared in advance with Resident Director.


A small aviary is available for use if needed. Please contact the Resident Director to discuss if your research would involve the need for this need for this facility.


Library, Museum, & Tool Shed

Although many of the Hastings collections have been moved to better archival areas recently, some specimens are still available in the Museum building. There is also a small library available for use by researchers/user groups. Hastings has a well furnished workshop – arrangements can be made to use this if needed for a particular project.