Ten housing structures exist on the Hastings Reservation. They are used as long-term and short term places of residence. Take a virtual tour of these buildings and explore these buildings and the Reservation.

Ranch HouseRed HousesBunk HouseHastings CabinFanny’s CabinRobinson HouseStucco HouseSchool HouseBetty’s CabinSunnyBrook Trailer

Usage Fees

  • $15-$20 a night per person (depending on length of stay and group size)
  • No additional fees other than the use of the Fanny Arnold Conference/Classroom ($100/day)

Housing Amenities

  • Kitchen utensils
  • Pots, pans, silverware and dishes
  • Washer and dryer in all units (except Fanny’s cabin)
  • Basic appliances including Refrigerator, Stove, Microwave, Coffee pot

Other Amenities

  • Wireless internet in all units
  • Gas heat in all units (except Fanny’s Cabin)

Note Provided

  • Food
  • Bedding
  • Bath Towels
  • Vehicles

The Ranch House

Built in 1899 and upgraded in in 2010, this four bedroom, two bathroom residence has a full kitchen, living room and a large enclosed porch.  In total, this unit has sleeping space for 22  people.  

  • Four bedrooms with 2 bunk beds per room – lower full size and upper twin.
  • One bathroom with shower, one with shower/tub combo.
  • Enclosed porch with seven single beds.
  • Adjacent to Classroom
  • Landline phone service

The Red House

New in 2008, The Red Houses replaced a 1930’s era single cabin.  Each sleeps 4, with two bedrooms, bath, kitchen, laundry, living and dining rooms. Modular buildings, deck, ADA access.

  • Two bedrooms per unit, each with one bunk bed consisting of a lower full size and upper single.
  • Full ADA accesable.  

The Bunk House

New in 1992, it replaced the historical  ranch bunkhouse used by the Pato Allegre ranch hands in the early 1900’s.  Sleeps 6 with 3 bedrooms, large living room, kitchen, laundry.  ADA accessible.

  • Three bedrooms, each with one twin size bunk bed.  
  • Adjacent to classroom.
  • Landline phone service.
  • ADA accessible
  • One bathroom with shower.  

Hastings Cabin

Originally built in the early 1930’s, it was upgrade in 2008 with new windows and insulation.  Sleeps 3 with one bedroom and a fully enclosed porch area.  

  • One bedroom with a single bed and an enclosed porch with 2 queen size beds.  
  • One bathroom with tub/shower.  
  • Large living room with fireplace.  

Robertson House

Originally built in the late 1890’s, it was acquired by the Hastings Reservation in 1978 and upgraded in 1982.   This unit has 5 bedrooms, large screen porch, and sleeps 8. 

  • Two story unit with 5 bedrooms – one with a queen size bed and the others with single beds.
  • Landline phone service.
  • Located some distance from the main office area, and accessible in the winter months via Martin Rd only (see site map)
  • Two bathrooms, one with tub/shower.

Fanny’s Cabin

Originally built in the 1940’s, it was upgraded in 1991.  Single large studio type room with kitchen area and one bathroom.  Sleeps 1 to 2.  Adjacent to the Robertson House, and also known as the Caboose.

  • Electric and wood stove heat.
  • Single room with one queen size bed.
  • Bathroom with shower.  

Stucco House

Originally built in 1965 as the steward’s residence, it has been used for the last 15 years as user housing.  Sleeps up to  5 people in two bedrooms. 

  • Two bedrooms, one with two bunk beds and one with a queen size bed.
  • Large living room and kitchen area with a fireplace.
  • Landline phone service
  • Adjacent to classroom.  

School House

Originally built in 1929 as a private boarding school, the School House served for many years as the Resident Researcher’s housing.  Remodeled in 2008, and presently used for group housing, it can accommodate up to 16 people.  It’s size, conference/living room areas, and ample facilities makes it ideal for retreats and adult groups.  

  • Six bedrooms; one room with 3 bunk beds, one with 2 single beds, two with 1 bunk bed each, one with a queen size bed (and private bathroom), and one with a king size bed. Additionally there is a futon in the living room.
  • Large living room and AV furnished conference room
  • Four full bathrooms; 2 with shower/tub and 2 with shower.
  • Two and 1/2 furnished kitchens.

Betty’s Cabin

Originally built in 1929, this former office and storage area was converted to a housing unit in 2017.

  • Sleeps two
  • One twin bunk
  • Refrigerator, Microwave
  • Shares bathroom with the Schoolhouse

Sunny Brook Trailer

Acquired in 2017.

  • Sleeps 3 – 4
  • One full bed, two single fold out couches
  • Full Kitchen
  • Bathroom with shower
  • AC, gas heat