You must make arrangements in advance and sign liability release waivers at the reserve office upon arrival. You will be assigned living quarters by the Resident Director in consultation with the resident research staff and we will do our best to provide any housing requested. Take the time to read the information on this page before sending a reservation request.

The Hastings Natural History Reservation and other reserves in the UC Natural Reserve System are public trust lands set aside specifically for research and teaching. Sensitive monitoring equipment is set up on these sites, and the reserves offer unparalleled opportunities for the uninterrupted behavioral observations that are essential to modern field studies. Public access for recreation is not compatible with these research and teaching uses; therefore, Hastings is not open to the general public.

Marking a reservation

  • A separate application must be submitted for each visit
  • The Reserve Director will be notified automatically and will review the application
  • The application is not approved until the applicant is notified by the Reserve Director
  • Download and submit Waivers of Liability as required*
  • Group leaders are responsible for ensuring each participant is aware of reserve policies and guidelines listed below and on the application

Before making a reservation, please take the time to read all of the details about visiting Hastings on this page.

Information for Everybody

  • A signed liability waiver is required of ANY visitor of Hastings – this can be signed before or upon arrival.
  • $20/ day per person for overnight use. More about housing.
  • $100/day  for the use of the Conference Room.
  • All visitors must sign in at the office when you arrive and when you vacate your living quarters.
  • You must call or write ahead to obtain the entrance gate code.
  • Daily users must remove all personal effects between visits.
  • Smoking is NOT allowed in any building or the grounds of Hastings, only within your personal vehicle.

For Researchers Only

Limited housing and laboratory space restrict both the number and the types of research projects approved at Hastings. Researchers should submit written descriptions of their proposed research and must consult with the resident director before initiating their projects. Any manipulation of the plants, animals, or habitats at Hastings also requires prior permission from the resident director.

  • If this is a new research project, contact the Reserve Director to discuss the project requirements and suitability before applying.
  • An application form is required  several months in advance of your planned starting date and an annual update by June 30 each year.
  • You are responsible being informed about and obtaining any state or federal permits to handle animals.
  • You must fill out descriptions (metadata) of any data sets you compile based on observations made here.
  • Please provide us with 2 reprints of any research published from work done at Hastings.
  • Some neighbors do allow research on their private lands; inquire with manager before approaching these landowners for access permission.

About the Area

You will need to have a vehicle to arrange for your own purchase of food, or share with others on trips to town. It takes at least 35 minutes to get to a large grocery store (mid-valley Safeway) or 50 minutes to stores in Carmel, Monterey or Salinas. Carmel Valley Village is about 25-35 minutes’ drive down a very curvy paved county road. There you can find a library, medical care, hardware shop, small grocery stores, etc. During the winter the asphalt road on the reserve fords a stream in two places.

Fire & General Safety

University of California policy is that all university buildings are “Smoke Free”. Smoking is dangerous all year as the natural vegetation here is quite flammable and can easily be lit by one small ember. Also, state law limits smoking to the interior of vehicles or in residences because the area is subject to forest and brush fires for most months of the year. Thus, smoking is permitted only in your personal vehicle. No insurance for liability or loss is provided by the University. No campfires or any other open fire are allowed. 

Firearms are not permitted at Hastings and hunting and collecting are by permit only. Health hazards one could encounter here include poison oak, rattlesnakes, stinging ants, mountain lions, ticks, and the Hanta virus. A workshop on these health hazard is available to residents.

Hastings Commitment to Equal Access

Our field station makes every effort to accommodate persons with disabilities, when possible. However, due to its unique natural setting, preservation of which is a fundamental element of our program, we are sometimes unable to fully accommodate all types of disabilities. Please inquire about wheelchair accessibility (as needed) at the time you make initial arrangements to visit us. To request access or any other accommodation for a disability, please contact the Resident Reserve Director at 831.659.2664 or email as far in advance of your authorized visit as possible. Accommodations requested later than one to two weeks prior to your visit may be difficult (or even not possible) to provide.